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9 Best Beaver Builder Addons 2023

Beaver Builder has definitely cemented its status as one of the best WordPress page builders.

But, as functional as the core plugin is, you might still be itching to get even more from your Beaver Builder designs.

Thankfully, the Beaver Builder team designed the plugin so that third-party developers can add their own extensions to give you all kinds of goodies such as new modules, templates, functionality, and more.

In this post, I’ve collected the best add-on plugins for Beaver Builder for a range of uses.

I’ll start by sharing five add-on plugins that make big changes/additions to how Beaver Builder functions. Then, I’ll share four “bonus” Beaver Builder add-ons that make small tweaks or additions that you might also find useful.

1. Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder is a popular Beaver Builder add-on plugin from Brainstorm Force, the same team behind the Astra theme and “Ultimate Addons” for other tools such as Elementor and Gutenberg.

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder extends Beaver Builder in three main ways:

  1. 60+ unique modules
  2. 200+ row sections that you can use in your designs
  3. 100+ full-page templates for a range of niches

One notable thing about the collection of 60+ unique modules is that it includes dedicated WooCommerce modules, in addition to general-purpose ones.

For example, you’ll get modules to display multiple products, an add-to-cart button, product categories, and more.

And for the general-purpose modules, you’ll get a huge array of creative modules, including pricing lists, CTAs (call-to-actions), form stylers, and lots more.

As with all of Brainstorm Force’s products, both the modules and templates are really well-designed, which is definitely a huge plus.

Finally, as with Beaver Builder itself, you can white-label Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder to match your branding, which is great if you’re using it on client sites.

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder has a limited free version at that can give you a taste of what’s on offer. After that, paid plans start at $55 for a one-year license and use on unlimited sites. Or, you can pay $249 for a lifetime license.

You can also get Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder as part of Brainstorm Force’s Agency or Mini Agency Bundles, which include other helpful products, too.

More Info / Download Demo

2. PowerPack Addon for Beaver Builder

PowerPack is another popular Beaver Builder add-on that comes packed with new modules and templates.

In total, it comes with:

  • 65+ unique modules
  • 200+ section templates to use in your designs
  • 150+ full-page templates for a variety of niches

The modules cover a wide range of uses, with everything from search forms to testimonials, restaurant menus, pricing tables, form stylers, and lots more.

There aren’t any WooCommerce modules in PowerPack, but the same developer makes a separate Beaver Builder add-on named WooPack which I’ll cover next.

The templates sport modern styling and cover a wide range of niches and styles.

PowerPack also includes white-labeling which lets you rebrand its interface to use your own branding.

To try out the plugin, you can play around with the limited free version at

After that, PowerPack costs $69 for a one-year license and use on unlimited personal and client websites. Or, you can purchase a lifetime license for $249.

More Info / Download Demo

3. WooPack for Beaver Builder

WooPack is a Beaver Builder add-on from the same developer as the PowerPack plugin above. Only, as you can probably guess, it’s 100% focused on helping you build WooCommerce websites with Beaver Builder.

To that end, it gives you a bunch of modules to display WooCommerce content in your designs.

In total, you get nine new WooCommerce-focused modules, including:

  • Single product
  • Product grid
  • Product slider
  • Add-to-cart button
  • Cart page styling
  • Checkout page

You can use these modules to create some neat effects such as an off-canvas cart or “mini cart”.

If you’re working with WooCommerce and Beaver Builder, this one is a good option.

WooPack itself costs $59 for a one-year license or $199 for a lifetime license. You can also buy a combo pack with the PowerPack plugin to save on both.

More Info / Download Demo

4. Beaver Themer

Beaver Themer is the only official Beaver Builder add-on from the Beaver Builder team.

It lets you bring the power of Beaver Builder to designing your entire theme, including your:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Single post designs for blog posts, pages, or custom post types
  • Archive designs for blog posts or custom post types

You get a detailed templating system that allows you to conditionally apply those templates as needed. For example, you can use one header on your blog posts and a different header on custom post types.

Beaver Themer also comes with field connections to let you dynamically import data, including data from custom fields that you’ve added with plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields.

If you’ve ever wished that you could design your entire WordPress site with Beaver Builder, then Beaver Themer is the best Beaver Builder extension for you.

Beaver Themer costs $147 for use on unlimited sites. You’ll also need the premium version of the Beaver Builder plugin — it won’t work with the free version from

More Info / Download Demo

5. Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder

Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder focuses on providing you with new modules to use in Beaver Builder.

In total, it adds 25+ unique modules, almost all of which come with both a light and dark version.

You’ll get modules for a range of uses, including bar charts, testimonials, pricing plans, post grids, image/video galleries, and more.

Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder has a limited free version at that adds 14 new modules, and then the premium version gives you access to the rest.

For the premium version, prices start at just $39.

More Info / Download Demo

Bonus: Small, Targeted Add-ons for Beaver Builder

Finally, let’s finish out with a look at some smaller Beaver Builder add-ons that don’t necessarily warrant their own dedicated section.

All of these plugins focus on a limited set of features and are available for free at

The Header Footer for Beaver Builder lets you use Beaver Builder templates as your site’s header or footer. If that’s all you need, this one is a good free alternative to paying for the premium Beaver Themer add-on.

7. Pods Beaver Themer Add-On

If you use both Beaver Themer and the Pods content development framework, the free Pods Beaver Themer Add-On makes it easy to dynamically insert information from Pods custom fields, including Pods’ field connections feature.

8. Timeline Module for Beaver Builder

As the name suggests, Timeline Module for Beaver Builder adds a neat timeline module that you can use to display content.

If you want this specific module, it’s a good free option. It comes from the same developer as Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.

9. Cards for Beaver Builder

Cards for Beaver Builder lets you include flexible cards in your Beaver Builder designs, which are defined as “flexible and extensible content containers”.

You can use these cards for CTAs, information boxes, featured blog posts, and lots more.

What’s the Best Beaver Builder Add-on For You?

Unlike a lot of plugins, you aren’t limited to picking just a single Beaver Builder add-on. If multiple add-ons pique your interest, you can feel free to install as many as needed.

Many of these add-ons give you a modular approach, which means you can disable modules that you don’t plan to use. This lets you keep your site nice and streamlined, even if you’re using multiple Beaver Builder add-ons.

Overall, though, if you’re looking for just a single add-on to give you the best bang for your buck, I’d say that Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and PowerPack are the most versatile ones.

Both come with a huge selection of new modules, sections, and full-page templates at an affordable price.

And if you like the idea of building your entire WordPress site with Beaver Builder, you’ll definitely want to check out the official Beaver Themer add-on as well.

Any questions about these Beaver Builder extensions? Ask away in the comments!

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  1. I am looking for a plugin similar to Toolbox for Beaver Builder that allows users to set the featured image and excerpt from inside Beaver Builder without having to go out to the edit area in WP for a page or module, not just a post. It looks like Toolbox hasn’t been updated by the developer in 2 years. Is there any alternative?

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