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29 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2023

When it comes to creating an online shop, it’s hard to beat WordPress and WooCommerce. Both options are easy to use while also offering impressive levels of functionality. Due to this, there’s now a growing number of WordPress themes that have been created specifically for building eCommerce stores with WooCommerce.

If you’re creating an online store or want to give your existing shop a makeover, this collection of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes will help you find the right design for your project. Among the options, you’ll find designs for a whole range of stores and products. There are themes built for specific purposes as well as good all-rounders that can be used in a number of different ways.

Most of these themes include some kind of page builder tool, giving you the option of customizing the demo content through a drag-and-drop interface. At the very least, you’ll have access to a control panel that makes it easy to change the colors, fonts, and other appearance-related settings of your site.

With WordPress and WooCommerce taking care of the functionality and these themes handling the design, there’s now nothing stopping you from creating a stylish and successful online shop.

1. Botiga

Botiga has a design that works well for a wide range of eCommerce sites.

If you want to ensure that the design of your store doesn’t overwhelm your visitors, then Botiga and its minimal style will appeal. The look of this theme will help your products catch the attention of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your store. Another benefit of Botiga’s clean and minimal design is that it should ensure your store loads as quickly as possible.

This WooCommerce theme is also highly customizable. To quickly change the overall look of your store, you can choose from the pre-defined color palettes or design your own custom selection. With Botiga, you can also choose from multiple product listing styles, cart layouts, product galleries, and more when setting up your store.

Botiga should be on the shortlist of anyone looking for a WooCommerce theme with a classic design.

2. Rey

Rey is a stylish fashion and clothing WooCommerce WordPress theme.

This popular WooCommerce theme comes with lots of templates for building online stores. Although this is primarily a fashion and clothing eCommerce theme, it does have demos that would work well for other types of products and online shops. As well as the sports apparel, urban clothing, and travel outfits store demos, there are also options for selling furniture and household items online with WordPress.

As Rey is aimed at anyone creating a store that will be selling high-end goods, it has a very modern and stylish design that’s sure to give your online shop a premium look. Thanks to this, Rey definitely isn’t your average run-of-the-mill WooCommerce WordPress theme.

The main eye-catching feature of the Rey demos is the well-designed homepage templates. These pages have the right type of design to not only catch the attention of your visitors but also display your products in a way that makes them look great and easy to inspect. If you’re looking for a theme that does a good job of combining form and function, Rey deserves a place on your shortlist.

All of the demos come with the other templates a good eCommerce store needs, such as lots of product page templates, multiple store layouts, and pre-built content for the checkout and customer account areas. There are lots of other general templates as well, covering the about, contact, and blog areas of your store.

As well as looking good, Rey can easily be customized using the supported Elementor page builder plugin.

3. Porto

Porto is a multipurpose WordPress theme that’s ideal for a range of projects including creating WooCommerce stores.

One of the benefits of choosing a multi-purpose WordPress theme like Porto for your eCommerce store is the large number of features and website templates you get access to. When you choose this theme for your WooCommerce store you’ll be able to select from the collection of 19 different online shop demos as well as nearly as many non-eCommerce website options. With store designs that cover furniture, fashion, watches, and gadgets to name just a few, you should find a suitable demo for your project in the Porto theme package.

Porto is a highly customizable theme that makes it very easy to tweak, adjust, and transform the demo content. Simply open up any of the demo pages and then start editing them through the intuitive WPBakery Page Builder interface to create a custom WooCommerce store with Porto. You can also modify other important parts of your website, like the navigation area, by using the included drag-and-drop header builder, or changing display settings such as the font and color controls in the theme options control panel.

Porto isn’t short on eCommerce-related features either. With the ability to add easy product filtering, product wish lists, lightbox product image galleries, and more to your online shop, you’re sure to be able to create a store that’s appealing to your customers.

Porto provides you with a wealth of features and pre-built content to simplify the process of launching a custom eCommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

More Info / Download Demo

4. Druco

Druco has a focus on creating stores that sell auto parts.

The Druco demos all showcase how this theme can be used to sell auto parts online. However, you could easily use this theme to sell other types of products if you like the overall design of Druco and its feature list. Among those features are an Ajax-powered shopping cart and search tool, optional infinite scroll, and good compatibility with the leading WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins.

To help you give your eCommerce store a bespoke look, you can choose from a selection of pre-built header and footer designs when setting up your site. There are also multiple cart styles, too. All of the Druco templates can be edited with Elementor to give you full creative control over the design of your store.

Druco comes with lots of useful eCommerce features for your store.

5. Astra

Astra can be used to create any type of website, including WooCommerce stores.

Thanks to a stylish selection of starter templates, Astra should be able to help you launch a professional-looking WooCommerce store in no time at all. With templates covering a range of eCommerce projects, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that works for your store here. If not, then you should find it easy to edit the templates to better align with your vision, using the supported Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Elementor website editor tools.

Alongside the library of templates, Astra also has a good number of eCommerce features. Some examples include the product quick view, dropdown shopping cart, sales bubbles, infinite product scroll, and more. Astra also has an optional conversion-ready checkout experience that’s been optimized to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Astra is an impressive package of WooCommerce templates and features.

6. TheGem

TheGem is packed with features and templates to help you create any type of online store with WordPress.

The Gem offers 10+ eCommerce store website demos that can be imported into WordPress and used to sell a wide range of products online. So whether your online shop is focused on selling fashion items, gadgets, furniture, or pretty much anything else, you can either use one of the single-focus templates or choose from the selection of more generic designs. TheGem also has over 400 non-eCommerce-focused templates that have been built to work with the WooCommerce plugin. Thanks to this, if one of the other demos from this theme catches your eye, it can easily be used as the foundation for your online shop.

This WooCommerce-friendly WordPress theme is highly customizable. The theme options control panel gives you lots of creative freedom when setting up your website and online store. As you might expect from a feature-rich eCommerce theme like TheGem, a premium page builder tool is included in the package. Due to this, you can use the drag-and-drop user interface to customize any of the demo content or create your own unique page designs from scratch.

Other features of the TheGem that you might be interested in include the two premium slideshow builder tools for creating product presentations, the choice of header layouts for your store’s navigation areas, and the library of over 20 custom widgets for upgrading the sidebar areas of your website.

With so many templates and features, you should have no trouble creating any type of online store using TheGem, WooCommerce, and WordPress.

More Info / Download Demo

7. Kalium

Kalium is a creative theme that can be used for any purpose including building eCommerce stores.

Thanks to great support for the WooCommerce plugin, everything you need to launch your online shop is included in the Kalium package. In the library of demos that make up this theme, you’ll find multiple WooCommerce store options for creating online shops. These WooCommerce demos include all the pages your store will need, such as stylish homepage layouts, templates for the cart, account, and checkout areas of your store, and lots of well-designed product page templates.

As well as letting you customize the main content areas of your website, Kalium also makes it easy to edit the header and footer areas of your site. Due to this, you get more creative control over how your store will look to your customers. As this functionality makes it possible to add widgets to the header area, you can now insert a range of dynamic content to this part of your site.

Kalium has a fully up-to-date set of templates and features to help build a modern eCommerce store with WooCommerce and WordPress.

8. Fana

Fana is a drag-and-drop fashion shop WooCommerce theme.

Product variation swatches, wish lists, and a product comparison tool are just some of the useful features that come with the Fana fashion store theme. Fana was also built to work with all of the best marketplace plugins for WooCommerce so that you can create a multi-vendor store if you want.

The selection of pre-built eCommerce store demos that come with Fana covers a range of styles and audiences in the fashion and clothing space. While the demos all look great, you can easily customize them, thanks to the support for the intuitive Elementor drag-and-drop website editing tool. Right-to-left text is also supported as standard, should you wish to publish your content in a language of this type.

The product reviews, live search, and smart filters of Fana will enhance your store.

9. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is a mobile-friendly WooCommerce theme for creating stores selling all types of products.

Thanks to the neutral and highly customizable design of the Shoptimizer theme, it doesn’t really matter what products you’ll be selling at your store. By using the WordPress Customizer interface, you can modify almost any of the display properties of your eCommerce shop, including the colors, fonts, and layout settings to name just a few.

Shoptimizer also comes with the powerful Elementor drag-and-drop page builder integrated into the theme, giving you access to a visual editor for customizing the pre-built layouts of your store. You can also use Elementor to create your own custom page designs, with the option of importing any of the Elementor templates.

With Shoptimizer, you can quickly upload your products and use the built-in conversion optimization-focused features to enhance your store. For example, the distraction-free check-out process should ensure your customers are able to place their orders without any issues. You can also display trust badges on your site to reassure shoppers. Publishing testimonials from other customers is straightforward too. Another nice feature of the Shoptimizer theme is the request-a-callback widget. By enabling this element on your site, your customers can quickly ask for help.

If you’re looking for a feature-packed WooCommerce theme that works with a wide range of products, Shoptimizer is well worth checking out.

More Info / Download Demo

10. WoodMart

WoodMart could be the WooCommerce theme with the most store demos available today.

With over 60 eCommerce store demos, the WoodMart WordPress theme should be of interest to anyone who creates multiple online shops for their clients. If you’d like one theme that you can use time and time again to build unique WooCommerce stores for a wide range of products and audiences, then WoodMart should be on your radar.

The multiple demos all look great and for many projects, they should provide you with everything you need to launch a new eCommerce store. However, as this is a very flexible theme, they can all be heavily customized through the built-in features and the plugins that come in the WoodMart package.

This well-established theme has a fully modern set of features and templates. It has also been improved for full compatibility with the popular Elementor page builder plugin to offer lots of customization opportunities to its users. WoodMart also includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no extra cost, giving you the option of using either tool to customize your WooCommerce store, including the header and footer areas.

Thanks to AJAX loading, your visitors won’t have to wait for new pages to load. Another way that unnecessary page loads are eliminated is through the AJAX-powered live search tool that simplifies the process of finding products at your store.

To make it easy for your customers to decide whether to buy one of your products or not, you can use the color swatches to let them see all of the available variations at a glance. Other features, such as the one-click add-to-cart functionality, combine to deliver an intuitive user experience at your store.

With so much pre-built content, WoodMart is a truly general-purpose WooCommerce theme.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Glowing

Glowing is a flexible beauty and cosmetics WooCommerce theme.

The eCommerce demos that make up the Glowing theme package are all focused on creating beauty and cosmetics online stores as well as other similar projects. While they’re all different, the demos do share a similar style, which can be described as clean, modern, and minimal. If you’d like a theme that has the ability, right out of the box, to showcase your products in a stylish way, then Glowing should be on your shortlist.

As the Glowing demos can be edited with both Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder, you get a lot of creative freedom over the design of your store. There are lots of editable shop templates, too, including many different product and category layouts. WooCommerce features aren’t lacking either. Some examples include wishlists, instant search, an Ajax cart, and an advanced shop filter.

Glowing has built-in Instagram integration for sharing your content on your site.

12. Miti

Miti is ideal for creating fashion-related WooCommerce stores.

The demos of Miti have all been created for building stores that will be selling clothing and accessories online. The main demos cover men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and shoes. However, this theme also comes with a selection of skins that can be applied to the demos for even more variety. There are lots of inner page templates for your store, including multiple product category templates, single product page templates, and product portfolio designs.

Miti has all the templates you’d expect from a regular WordPress theme, too. Thanks to this, it won’t take long to add about, contact, and blog content to your site. If you need to edit anything, you can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to carry out the work.

The eCommerce features will help you build a professional store with Miti.

13. Razzi

If you’re starting an online shop, it can be difficult to find a WooCommerce theme that fits your niche. Luckily, Razzi comes with layouts for all sorts of products, from furniture and interior decor to watches, glasses, and other accessories. 

With Razzi, you can choose from over 30 pre-built demos. Each demo can be customized to your specific needs. For instance, you can build your own header and create a mega menu. You also have the option to make additional page layouts. 

Razzi offers a broad selection of built-in features, so you won’t need to spend much money on WooCommerce extensions. For example, you can display a sticky add-to-cart bar on product pages, add a size guide for clothing items, and offer time-limited deals. 

If you want more control over the design of your WooCommerce store, Razzi might be the ideal theme for you.

14. Bacola

Bacola gives you many different ways to set up your WooCommerce store.

Regardless of how you want the homepage of your store to look, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a template that matches your vision among the Bacola demos. As well as the homepage templates, there are lots of different designs for displaying your individual products as well as your product category pages. If you ever need to edit any of those templates, you can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to do so.

If you want to create a multi-vendor marketplace, this theme is fully compatible with the WC Marketplace addon for WooCommerce. With this plugin, you have the option of building a store where multiple people can sign up and start listing their products for sale alongside yours.

Bacola has a useful mobile-only bottom menu system to improve the smartphone user experience.

15. Goya

Having a clean, easily navigable shop is essential to your online business’s success. Fortunately, a minimalist theme like Goya can help you present your products in neat layouts. 

Goya comes with two main demo sites: Fashion and Decoration. You’ll also get a selection of homepages to choose from, which you can customize with the WPBakery page builder (included with the theme). You can also add a background image to your catalog and product categories. Plus, you can enable users to instantly add items to their carts with the Quick View feature. 

Goya can help you boost conversions on your WooCommerce store. It has wishlists, powerful product filters, and a mini cart for a smoother checkout experience. Furthermore, it offers easy login and signup options for your customers and a clean dashboard to help them manage their orders more efficiently. 

Goya may be a basic theme, but it can help you make more sales!

16. Smartic

Smartic is a single product landing page WooCommerce WordPress theme.

Each of the Smartic demos has been set up to promote a specific type of product, whether that’s a smartwatch, a kitchen appliance, or a food item. The homepage design is set up in a similar way to a landing or sales page, giving you a good opportunity to describe your product to potential customers.

Depending on which of the Smartic demos you decide to use, the front page of your WooCommerce store could feature a large header area with space for displaying an image of your product alongside some text, a panel for sharing the key details of your product or how it works, and a section for publishing reviews and feedback from people who have used your product. The pre-built homepages also have an add-to-cart button that is usually displayed at the end of the templates, inviting your visitors to make a purchase.

As Smartic has been built to work with the popular Elementor page builder plugin, you can open the templates that come with this theme, including the WooCommerce templates, and start customizing them in a modern drag-and-drop user interface.

Smartic is a great example of a WordPress theme for promoting and selling single products online.

17. Claue

Claue is a modern and minimal WooCommerce theme for creating online shops with WordPress.

To help you get the right look for your store, Claue consists of 10 website homepage demos. The designs are suited to a range of different online shops, although clothing, accessories, and fashion-related stores are a good match for this WooCommerce theme. You’ll also find a choice of templates for all the inner pages of your eCommerce website.

Although the Claue demo content and templates look great, you can customize any of them through the included WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder. With this tool, you can modify almost every aspect of your website through an intuitive user interface. Global site settings can be accessed through the WordPress Customizer interface, giving you the ability to change the colors and typography properties. You can also choose to enable or disable optional features such as lazy loading or infinite scroll to ensure your website works the way that you want.

Claue has everything you’ll need to create a professional online shop. Thanks to features like the product color variation selector, and the ability to offer custom product bundles, your visitors won’t believe you’ve built your online store yourself.

Claue is packed with customization options and features that will help give your store that professional appearance.

More Info / Download Demo

18. Makeaholic

Makeaholic is a beauty and cosmetics WooCommerce theme.

If you’re looking for a WooCommerce theme that can present your cosmetics products in a visually appealing way, then you might want to check out Makeaholic. The demos have all been well-designed and are sure to give your store a premium and trustworthy look.

Thanks to the good selection of product page templates, this theme is ready to display products that come in many different formats, variations, and quantities. All of this extra product information will be clearly displayed and nicely formatted to provide a user-friendly shopping experience for your customers. Creating product bundles, displaying products that are commonly bought together, and enabling product comparisons are just some of the useful eCommerce features of the Makeaholic theme.

Makeaholic can help you launch a stylish and highly functional eCommerce store.

19. Hongo

Hongo is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme that should be suitable for selling any type of product online. With over 10 pre-built online store demos to choose from, including general-purpose options alongside more niche designs, Hongo should appeal to a wide audience.

In addition to the pre-built store demos and library of templates and layouts, Hongo comes with 200 highly customizable elements for you to use throughout your online shop. These elements let you add useful features to your store such as call-to-action buttons, product sliders, and pricing tables, to name just a few. As the appearance and style of these elements can be easily adjusted, you can modify them to fit in with the overall design of your store and the products you’re selling.

To ensure that your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience on your website, Hongo has lots of user-friendly eCommerce interface features for you to make use of. Some examples include a powerful product filtering tool that makes it easy for your shoppers to narrow the available selection to only see the items they are most interested in as well as a product quick view display mode that lets them instantly find out more about each time at your store, all without any unnecessary page loading.

Other useful eCommerce features of Hongo include product wishlists, product comparisons, and 360-degree product views. You can also add size guides to your store, run your website in catalog mode instead of as a fully functioning eCommerce store, and enable the marketplace functionality to allow other vendors to sign up and list their products for sale at your store.

Hongo is highly customizable and configurable to help you create the right online store for your business.

More Info / Download Demo

20. Freshio

Freshio is a nicely-designed food and drink WooCommerce theme. As there are multiple demos in the theme package, there’s a high chance you’ll find one that’s right for your food store. While the demos are aimed at businesses that specialize in healthier items, the theme can be adjusted to suit other types of food and drink.

You’ll have a range of customization options with Freshio, ranging from shop page layouts to products pages and header and footer options. In addition to the WooCommerce templates, you also get access to many stylish blog templates so that you can add an attractive blog and connect with your audience.

Other notable features include compatibility with Widgets for Google Reviews to display reviews directly on your website and a powerful search filter so that visitors can easily find what they need.

21. Eva

Eva can be used to create any type of online shop with WordPress but it’s especially well suited to fashion and clothing-related eCommerce stores.

If you choose to install the default Eva demo on your WordPress website, your visitors will be greeted by a full-screen animated slideshow that can be used to display your best products. The rest of the default homepage layout has been designed to showcase a wide range of products from the different categories on your site.

One notable eCommerce feature is that whenever your visitors hover over a product image, the display is changed to show additional product images. This feature can do a great job of catching the attention of shoppers while also giving you a good opportunity to promote your products without having to take a visitor to a new page.

When someone does click through to an individual product page, the shopper can use the slider feature to scroll through the library of product images. Zooming in on the product images is also an option, helping your visitors examine your inventory in more detail. Displaying related products on the individual item pages is easy too, thanks to the built-in algorithm of the Eva theme.

Eva has a fashion-friendly design to help your eCommerce store appeal to high-end shoppers.

More Info / Download Demo

22. Flatsome

Flatsome is a multipurpose eCommerce template and it’s one of the best-selling WooCommerce WordPress themes available. When creating your online shop with WordPress and Flatsome, you get 15 eCommerce stores demos to choose from.

When you’re setting up your website, you can choose from a varied selection of page layouts regardless of which demo website you’ve picked. You can also use the live page builder tool to customize the designs or build your own. Making site-wide changes like switching the color scheme, adjusting the fonts, or customizing the header and footer areas can all be carried out through a front-end user interface.

Other useful features of Flatsome include a slideshow builder, a live search feature to help your customers find more of your products, a drag-and-drop image grid builder, and smart lazy loading for a faster website. If you want to get some inspiration for your eCommerce website, the Flatsome theme package has examples of real-world sites that have been built with this theme.

Flatsome is a feature-packed theme that’s only gotten better and more popular since its initial release.

More Info / Download Demo

23. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is a complete online WooCommerce shop builder theme for WordPress.

The design of the Shopkeeper theme is big and bold, with plenty of full-width layouts and full-screen images. If you’re creating a store that needs a strong visual style or you want a way to display your product photos without any limitations this could be the theme for you.

Among the 12 Shopkeeper layouts, you’ll find a varied selection of designs. You’ll also find a large library of pre-built templates and layouts for all the other pages and important elements of your eCommerce website. This includes the multiple header layouts you can choose from, the impressive selection of portfolio templates, and the small but perfectly formed collection of blog post layouts.

WPBakery Page Builder is included to help you customize any of the demo content. You can quickly and easily open a page for editing and move items around the page, delete or add page elements, or create new designs for your store. You can also use the WordPress Customizer tool to make global changes to your site, like adjusting the fonts, colors, and layout options.

Shopkeeper is a flexible WordPress eCommerce theme that can be used to create any type of WooCommerce-powered online shop.

More Info / Download Demo

24. Sober

Sober is a versatile WooCommerce-friendly WordPress theme that can be used to create stores selling a wide range of products.

From tech gear and streetwear to homewares and the latest accessories, the 10 Sober website demos are ready to create almost any type of eCommerce store with WordPress. It’s not just homepage layouts that Sober includes but also a selection of different product category page designs, individual product page designs, and blogging and portfolio templates.

Sober gives you enough customization options and tools to repurpose this theme for any other type of products not covered by the demos. One of those customization tools is the best-selling WPBakery drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin. WPBakery is fully compatible with the Sober theme demo content, including all the eCommerce product pages and templates. This helps ensure that you can customize almost every aspect of your site with this intuitive web design tool. You can also use the live customization controls to tweak your site on the fly. These settings and controls cover site properties such as the fonts, colors, header and footer layouts, and a whole lot more.

When it comes to creating a stylish and functional online shop with WordPress, Sober has all the features you should be looking for.

More Info / Download Demo

25. Savoy

Savoy features a large homepage slider to help display your best products to your audience. Thanks to the slideshow builder tool, you can easily add your own products to the demo slider and ensure your visitors never miss out on your best offers.

However, as the homepage slider is entirely optional, you can instead choose to greet new arrivals with the full list of products from your store. As your visitors scroll down the page, they have the option of clicking the load more button to instantly reveal even more items from your inventory. Thanks to this, you can display all your products without triggering a single extra page load. The use of AJAX also reduces page loads in other ways, including via the live search feature and the product quick view.

Although Savoy only has one eCommerce store demo for you to make use of, there are plenty of customization options on offer. This includes not only the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder tool but also the extensive theme options control panel.

Savoy might not have a library of website demos to rival some of the other themes in this collection but it can still help you build a high-quality online store with WordPress.

More Info / Download Demo

26. XStore

XStore aims to be the ultimate WooCommerce WordPress theme and a tool that can help you build any type of online shop.

Part of the strategy for attempting to make XStore the number one eCommerce theme for WordPress includes adding over 50 online shop website demos to the package. These demos have all been designed to a high standard and can be installed into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. When browsing the XStore demos, there’s a high chance that you’ll find one that’s a good match for your project. If not, the WPBakery page builder tool is included for good measure.

With XStore, you don’t just get access to WPBakery but also the Massive Addons pack that can help make this already powerful page builder even more useful. Other premium WordPress plugins in the XStore package include the ever-popular Slider Revolution slideshow builder tool and a number of commercial WooCommerce addons. By using these premium eCommerce add-ons, you can add features like a 360-degree product viewer, a social sharing discount code generation tool, product subscriptions, and an easy way to add infinite scroll and quick loading AJAX pagination to your product displays.

XStore is packed with global customization settings. This all makes switching colors, changing fonts, and adjusting layouts very straightforward. Even if you don’t want to use the page builder tool, you can still create a unique eCommerce shop with XStore and WordPress.

More Info / Download Demo

27. Haaken

Haaken is a fashion store theme that’s powered by WooCommerce.

Thanks to six stylish eCommerce demos, Haaken works really well for a range of fashion stores. Whether you sell lots of products or smaller inventories of select items, you’ll find many different templates to help you present your store and its products in the right way.

To ensure that your store has all the right features to help make it a success, Haaken has some useful elements. Some examples include the newsletter pop-up opt-in form, a drop-down shopping cart, and templates for the user dashboard, order tracking, and customer account areas of your store. As Haaken supports the wish list, product compare, and quick view add-ons for WooCommerce, you can easily add these features to your store, too.

Haaken has a clean and minimalist style that’s sure to help your store stand out from the crowd.

28. Aurum

Aurum is another minimalist eCommerce theme for WordPress online shops that includes a number of website demos.

All of the individual Aurum demos can be imported into your website in just a few clicks, making this a good theme for anyone who wants to create a fashion, tech, or bookstore with WordPress. There’s also a neutral website design that can be used to launch a store selling a range of different products. You can also use the skin builder feature to create a custom design for your store.

Aurum has multilingual support via the popular WPML plugin, giving you the option of creating multiple versions of your content in different languages. Your website will also be able to display right to left text if you choose this theme. There’s also a Mega Menu feature to help you enhance your store’s main navigation areas. You can easily add images and product photos to your drop-down menus, hopefully increasing the chances of your visitors clicking through to the inner pages of your site.

If you want to get a better idea more about how this theme looks when being used by real stores, there’s a showcase of Aurum-powered shops on the product page.

More Info / Download Demo

29. Tonda

Tonda is fully compatible with WooCommerce for creating stylish eCommerce stores with WordPress.

The design of Tonda can be accurately described as elegant, making it a good option for higher-end products or brands that offer luxury items or services. There are six WooCommerce store demos in the Tonda package, making it possible to quickly create a range of websites with this theme. As these pre-built designs use lots of white space, they’re ideal for listing products that are aesthetically pleasing and deserve to be the center of attention.

With lots of different layouts in the Tonda package, each time you present a new product to your audience, you get a good range of options for how it will look. Furthermore, as the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included with Tonda, you can easily edit any of these layouts through an intuitive front-end drag-and-drop interface. Adding product slideshows to your website, as well as other types of sliders, is also straightforward, thanks to the bundled Slider Revolution plugin.

Tonda also has lots of useful eCommerce features. One example of this is the product quick view feature that makes it easy for your potential customers to get a better look at your products. You can also enable a wish list on your website, letting your shoppers add their favorite products for future reference. The drop-down cart display option is attractive too, giving your visitors a quick way to view what’s in their shopping cart. Tonda is also fully compatible with all the best WooCommerce add-ons, ensuring your store will work in the way that you want.

If you’re looking for a stylish WooCommerce theme that can be easily customized, check out Tonda.

More Info / Download Demo

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