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21 Best Furniture WordPress Themes 2023

If you’re looking for a theme that’s suitable for creating almost any type of furniture website, then you’ve come to the right place.

The best furniture WordPress themes in this collection all have strong eCommerce capabilities. However, they can be used to do a lot more than create online furniture stores. For example, furniture brands can use these themes to create stylish websites, as can anyone offering interior design services that have a focus on furniture.

All of these themes have multiple website demos, giving you lots of options for how your site will look. They can all be easily customized to varying degrees to help you get your website looking exactly how you’d like it to. 

1. Botiga

Botiga is a free WordPress theme for creating furniture websites.

As this theme has been built to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, it’s perfect for setting up an online furniture store. To help you get your store looking just how you want it, Botiga includes a good selection of eCommerce templates, including different product page and shopping cart layouts.

To ensure your customers can find what they’re looking for, features like product filters, product recommendations, and a search tool are included as standard. If you’d like extra demos, templates, and eCommerce features, the pro version of Botiga has lots more functionality. However, the free version has enough to get your store up and running.

Botiga was built with a focus on performance for extra fast load times.

2. Divi

Divi has a stylish layout pack that was built specifically for creating furniture sites.

It works well for online shops as well as creating an online presence for a furniture brand or other similar types of projects. Thanks to the large amount of functionality of Divi (our review), all of the furniture-related templates are packed full of useful elements and features. Some examples include the large image and product displays, the call-to-action panels, and the interesting grid layouts.

As Divi includes its own bespoke page builder tool, this is one of the most flexible furniture WordPress themes out there. The Divi Builder lets you take full control of the design of your website, while the Divi Leads tool lets you run experiments to help you optimize your design choices.

Divi is a great all-round package for building furniture or almost any other type of website with WordPress.

3. Drile

Drile is a furniture-focused eCommerce theme with multiple store demos.

Whatever type of furniture store you want to create, Drile should have you covered. The selection of high-quality demos works well for a range of furniture online shops, so regardless of your goals and preferences, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable option here. The Drile demos use a range of popular web design techniques to enhance your store. Among the options are animated slideshows for displaying multiple images in one location, product carousels for highlighting some of your key items, and newsletter signup forms to help you keep in touch with your visitors.

Adjusting the Drile templates is easy, thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Slider Revolution is included, too, making this theme even more creatively functional. Drile has lots of relevant eCommerce features as well.

The library of shop layouts in the Drile package makes this a theme that’s well worth checking out.

4. Moderno

5. MyDecor

MyDecor is a theme designed for creating online furniture stores with WordPress.

The demos of MyDecor all work well for furniture shops. Thanks to this, you get a good range of options for how your store will look when building it with this theme. As is often the case with the best furniture themes, MyDecor can be easily customized with the popular and powerful Elementor page builder plugin, giving you full control over the design of your site.

In the MyDecor package, you’ll also find many shop templates for various parts of your store. Among the library are multiple individual product page templates and lots of product category layouts for you to choose from. Features such as Ajax pagination and infinite scroll help you to enhance your store and make it more user-friendly. Product filters, a powerful search tool, and 360-degree product views all help to give your store a more professional feel.

MyDecor has good multivendor marketplace support, too.

6. Auros

Auros is ideal for creating premium furniture websites with WordPress.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s well suited to creating online stores that sell high-end furniture, Auros is hard to overlook. If you check out any of the Auros demos, you’ll see that they have bold and spacious designs that aren’t afraid to use whitespace. Thanks to this confident approach to design, your furniture photos will stand out on the page and command attention from your audience.

Other features such as the large full-screen slider that lets your visitors scroll through your most impactful photos and the sections with interesting grid layouts that are ideal for showcasing some of your key products all combine to make Auros an appealing option. The header and footer builder feature is another reason to consider Auros, especially if you’d like control over these parts of your website.

Fans of sophisticated designs are sure to appreciate Auros and its demos.

7. Konsept

Konsept is a furniture store WordPress theme with a focus on interior design.

If the type of furniture you’ll be featuring on your website would appeal to those with an interest in interior design, then Konsept could be a good match for your needs. The designs of the page templates use a good combination of colors and decorations to give your website a distinctive look. You can also easily change how the demos look, thanks to compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin.

Despite an obvious focus on design, Konsept isn’t lacking in eCommerce features. Promoting featured products, enabling a side cart, and creating variable products are just some of the eCommerce functionality available if you choose Konsept. The blogging and portfolio templates also broaden the appeal of this theme, making it a good option for furniture sites that aren’t eCommerce stores.

Konsept has received a positive rating from those who have purchased this theme.

8. July

9. Davici

Davici has a good selection of demos for furniture and homeware stores.

Thanks to a range of eCommerce demos, you should be able to find a suitable design with Davici. The demos all stick to the tried and tested design style that’s been made popular by eCommerce stores you’ve probably visited before. Rather than going down the creative route, the Davici templates have focused on functionality and getting as many products in front of your customers as possible.

Although there is some good variation among the Davici demos, they do all feature homepage templates that are packed with products. Thanks to this, if your store will have a large inventory, Davici is a solid option for making those products easily available to your target audience. Features such as the Ajax-powered live search and the sidebar cart help to give your store a professional look.

The 360-degree product view feature gives you a great way to showcase your furniture.

10. Shopio

Shopio is a feature-packed eCommerce theme with furniture store demos.

With over 30 eCommerce demos to choose from, including a number of furniture-store-friendly options, you should be able to create the right type of site with Shopio. While not all of the demos are suitable for furniture stores, many are, and some of the others can easily be adjusted to work for this type of project.

As Shopio is an eCommerce theme, you get access to lots of useful features for your store. The Ajax search and mega menu features will make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. The deals countdown tool is ideal for running promotions at your store. Your customers are sure to enjoy the product wish list and compare tools when shopping at your site.

The long list of eCommerce features of Shopio is well worth checking out.

11. Funio

Funio has a selection of clean and modern-looking demos.

Designed for creating furniture stores with WordPress, Funio has lots of templates to help you quickly populate your new site with content. From feature-rich homepage layouts to stylish product pages, there shouldn’t be anything you need that’s missing from your store when you build it with Funio. As there are demos that are minimal, clean, and more traditional in design, this is a theme that should appeal to a wide audience.

Creative types who’d like to add their own personality to this theme should find the compatibility with the Elementor page builder an extra reason to consider Funio. Judging from the load time test results published on the Funio website, this theme was built to deliver impressive site speed. As page load time can impact the conversion rate, choosing a fast theme is essential.

Funio has lots of eCommerce features and templates for enhancing your furniture store.

12. Modus

Modus has multiple homepage layouts and furniture store demos.

The Modus demos are very varied in their designs. There are options that would be good for high-end furniture stores that only sell a few premium items as well as demos that are ideal for stores that have large inventories and want to give their customers lots of choices. Modus is also stacked with templates for displaying your products on their own and on product category pages.

You can also mix and match the templates from the different Modus demos. Thanks to this, you can adjust your store as your business grows. You can use the included WPBakery Page Builder to edit the templates as needed, all through a drag-and-drop interface. Modus also comes with a premium add-on for WPBakery, which enhances this tool with more modules and features.

As well as the above, Modus has a good selection of eCommerce features, too.

13. Ruper

Ruper has enough furniture store templates to give you lots of options.  

The Ruper demos and templates have all been designed for building online furniture stores. Thanks to this, you get a varied selection of options for how the homepage and the rest of your store will look. The demos all share a clean and modern design, but their layouts are all different enough to give you real choice when setting up your store.

In addition to over 16 homepage templates, Ruper also comes with more than eight product page templates. There are multiple shop pages and header styles to choose from, too. Thanks to this, creating your own custom furniture store with this theme shouldn’t be a problem. For those that need more creative options, Ruper supports the Elementor plugin for easy website customization.

Ruper is a versatile marketplace-friendly furniture store WordPress theme with many options.

14. Outstock

Outstock should appeal to a wide range of furniture store owners.

The Outstock templates have lots of space for sharing large images of your products and other related items. Due to this, Outstock might be a great choice for anyone who wants to use powerful images to persuade their visitors to purchase their furniture. Showcasing photos of your furniture placed in stylish settings along with other high-end items could be one way to use the sliders and other image-focused features of this theme.

As well as looking nice, Outstock and its templates do have lots of practical eCommerce features. For example, there’s a panel for displaying your trending products, a wish list tool so that visitors can save items for later, and a product quick view for inspecting items more closely.

The product carousel and zoom tools are other reasons to consider Outstock.

15. Arredo

Arredo has a clean and modern design for creating minimal furniture stores.

If you’re looking for a furniture theme that has a large library of interesting and varied templates, then Arredo meets that criteria. As well as the stylish homepage templates, there are lots of shop templates that can display your products in many different ways. The selection of grid layouts cover a range of styles, including metro and masonry options, to name just a few.

Arredo also comes with multiple portfolio templates. Due to this, it could be a good option if you want to showcase your product lines and display your furniture but not necessarily to sell it online. So if you want to create a website for a furniture brand or maker, this theme would work well.

It also comes with all the templates you’d need to start a furniture blog.

16. Sofani

Sofani isn’t just a WordPress theme for websites that are selling sofas online.

Whatever type of furniture your online store will be selling, Sofani could be a good fit. The multiple demos and homepage templates cover many different styles, helping to broaden the appeal of this theme. They’re all highly editable, too, thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

If you don’t want to sell items from your website, you can set Sofani to catalog mode and use your site to simply display your furniture range. Thanks to this, Sofani would work well for furniture brands that need a strong online presence. The impressive selection of portfolio templates would also come in handy for this type of project.

Sofani also has all the functionality needed to add a product comparison tool to your site.

17. Töbel

Töbel has an elegant design for creating premium furniture sites.

Although Töbel has many eCommerce features, it also works well for creating sites for furniture brands and studios, not just eCommerce stores. The portfolio templates for Töbel help you to display furniture items in a stylish way, whether you’re selling those items or not. The studio and portfolio templates also use sliders to great effect, giving you another way to show off your catalog. These sliders are powered by the included premium Slider Revolution plugin, making it possible to edit them and create your own with this tool.  

Other valuable features aren’t in short supply, either. Some examples include the pricing tables builder, the client and customer testimonials panels, and the call-to-action elements. WooCommerce powers the eCommerce functionality of Töbel.

Töbel is ideal for a wide range of furniture sites beyond eCommerce stores.

18. Rey

Rey is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a ready-made furniture website demo.

This theme can be used to create a wide range of websites, including an online furniture store. The bold split-screen layout of the furniture store demo homepage is sure to catch the attention of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site. The rest of the homepage has lots of other sections for displaying images of your items as well as a carousel that can be used to share your best-selling products.

The clickable image map is another really impressive feature of Rey. It lets you add icons and clickable links to an image, such as a photo of a room. This image could then contain links to the pages that list the products in the photo for sale. You can see this feature in action on the Rey demo to give you a better idea of how it could benefit your store.

Other features, such as maintenance mode and autosave, make Rey one to check out.

19. Kosi

Kosi is another purpose-built WordPress furniture eCommerce theme.

The Kosi furniture store demos all have contemporary designs to give your online shop a premium look. Whether you’re selling high-end items or not, the design and style of this theme are sure to elevate the opinion your visitors have of your website.

Like many of the other best furniture WordPress themes, Kosi comes with multiple product page templates. Thanks to this, each time you add a new product to your store, you get the option of choosing how it’s presented to your audience. eCommerce features such as displaying products in different colors, adding items to the shopping cart, and creating a wish list make Kosi an appealing option.

Thanks to good levels of Elementor support, Kosi is easy to customize too.

20. Umeå

Umeå is a WordPress theme for furniture stores and interior design studios.

If your project will combine furniture products and interior design services, then this could be the theme for you. However, Umeå still has lots going for it, if you’re creating a furniture store. Thanks to the high-quality designs of the stylish demos, your store is sure to have a premium look.

In addition to the Umeå eCommerce templates, of which there are many, this theme also comes with well-designed portfolio templates. These can be used to showcase your best products and encourage more of your visitors to make a purchase. The gallery, masonry, and slider templates of Umeå give you lots of options when deciding how to promote your items.

Umeå has a coming soon template that you can use while you work on your store in private.

21. InteriArt

InteriArt has been designed for furniture and home accessory stores.

As this theme has a strong portfolio component, if you are offering any services related to furniture, such as design, upholstering, or advice, InteriArt should align well with your needs. That’s not to say it doesn’t have the necessary eCommerce functionality to create an online furniture store with WordPress, it’s just that it has lots more going on than that.

The gallery tool of InteriArt is another reason to consider this theme. If you have lots of photos of your furniture or other related images you want to share with your visitors, you can display that content in many different attractive ways on your site. The social media integration is good, too, giving you another way to share content with your audience.

The included WPBakery Page Builder lets you customize this theme as much as you want.

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