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11 Best Nutrition WordPress Themes 2023

In this collection, you’ll find the best nutrition WordPress themes for selling nutrition-related projects, promoting nutrition services, or sharing nutritional advice.

As all of these themes have at least one nutrition website demo, you can quickly import a full set of templates into your WordPress dashboard to kick-start your project.

Once you’ve done that, you can use the supported page builder tools to make any necessary changes. Whichever theme you choose, you won’t be limited in how your nutrition website looks.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme to share recipes, check out our collection of the best food WordPress themes, too.

1. Nutrico

Nutrico is a good example of a multipurpose nutrition WordPress theme.

Built with nutritionists, dieticians, and health coaches in mind, Nutrico has been designed to help you promote your services online. Due to this, the templates contain tons of features to help you connect with your audience, including testimonial panels, call-to-action sections, and service grids. There are lots of other elements, too, so be sure to check out the Nutrico demos to get a better idea of what’s available.

If you want to customize the Nutrico demos, you can use either the Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder plugins. The latter, a premium plugin, is included in the theme package. As Nutrico also supports the WooCommerce plugin, it has all the templates needed for collecting payments from your clients through your website.

The stylish templates make Nutrico one of the best nutrition themes available for WordPress.

2. Organic Food

Organic Food has been designed for nutritionists, health coaches, and other food-related projects.

Whether you want to put yourself front and center on your website, or you’d rather take more of a back seat and let your content do the talking, the Organic Food theme has a good range of demos that accommodate many different preferences. For example, one demo has a homepage that would work well for any nutritionists that want to use their site to attract new clients, while other ones would work better for anyone starting a nutrition blog or a store selling nutritional supplements.

The Organic Food templates all have interesting layouts. They include a range of editable widgets such as photo galleries, sliders, charts, and graphs. WooCommerce is supported, too, should you wish to sell items online. This theme also works with the best multilingual plugins to enable you to translate your website content into multiple languages.

Organic Food has a page builder tool to help you personalize your nutrition website.

3. Wellspring

Wellspring is a health, lifestyle, and wellness theme that should appeal to nutritionists.

Thanks to the event planning, community forums, and BMI calculator features, Wellspring should be able to help you make an interactive nutrition website with WordPress. Whether you want to create an online nutrition-focused community, promote your services, or share advice through your blog, Wellspring has the templates and features to help you succeed.

If you do have services to promote, you can use the portfolio templates to showcase your success stories, whether they’re client stories or your achievements. Other features such as the ready-made contact and newsletter signup forms can give your visitors an easy way to get and stay in touch. Checking out the elements section of the Wellspring demos should give you an idea of what features you can add to your pages to enhance your content.

The 10+ demos that come with Wellspring cover a wide range of projects.

4. Aarogya

Aarogya is aimed at nutritionists and dieticians who need a professional website.

As you’d expect from a premium nutrition WordPress theme, the templates have been designed to a very high standard. The focus of the Aarogya demos is on helping you to promote your services, whether you’re working as a dietician or nutritionist or offering more general health-focused services. Health coaches and personal trainers could get a lot of use out of this theme, too.

In the Aarogya package, you’ll find templates for sharing recipes, publishing articles, and displaying your service and package details. Other features, such as the events tool, will help you to promote upcoming offline and online sessions you’re running. The client experience templates and the testimonials tool are sure to come in handy when it comes to sharing how you’ve helped others in the past.

Aarogya is sure to be able to help you promote your services online.

5. Fit Coach

Fit Coach has lots of content that’s suitable for nutritionists and their websites.

Designed for all types of coaches, especially those that offer health-related services, Fit Coach has a good set of templates for building nutrition-focused websites. The homepage templates have lots of sections for sharing details about yourself, how you can help your clients, and the feedback you’ve received from people you’ve worked with.

The selection of well-designed service templates is ideal for giving your audience more information on your nutritionist service. As this theme has good video support, if you want to connect with your target audience using this medium, Fit Coach won’t hold you back. The ready-made contact forms are ideal for letting your visitors get in touch to find out more about your services.

The demos can all be edited with the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

6. Fitmeal

Fitmeal is a food-focused theme with a nutritionist website demo.

This theme has a good set of demos for any website that’s broadly related to nutrition. The nutritionist demo has everything that’s needed to create a professional services website or a stylish blog that covers nutritional advice. The other Fitmeal demos are all food-focused, so they can be used to cover nutrition in more general ways, such as sharing recipes and healthy eating tips or promoting health food products.

As Fitmeal has good levels of WooCommerce support, including lots of eCommerce templates, it’s ideal for nutrition-focused stores or anyone who wants to sell a few products on their site. Collecting payments from clients is also possible with this theme.

Fitmeal also has a video tutorial that will show you how to set up your new website.

7. Nutrical

Nutrical is a health and diet WordPress theme that nutritionists should find useful.

To help you get started, Nutrical has a five-minute quick start wizard that will appeal to anyone who is new to WordPress or setting up websites in general. By the end of the wizard, you’ll have imported one of the Nutrical demos into your WordPress dashboard and have a site that’s ready for you to start adding your content to.

As you’d expect from a popular nutrition WordPress theme, the demos are all bright and vibrant. They use good combinations of images and colors to help create a visually appealing website. However, they can all be highly customized to get them looking exactly how you want, thanks to support for the WPBakery Page Builder, which is included in the Nutrical package at no extra cost.

8. Madang

Madang works really well for food delivery websites that sell healthy meals.

If your business focuses on providing your customers with healthy, nutritious meals, then Madang has all the templates your website is likely to need. It also has templates for anyone offering nutritionist services. Whether you want to assist your clients with their diets and provide them with meal service to help them achieve their goals or offer the meal or nutritionist service on their own, this theme is versatile enough to handle all of those scenarios.

When it comes to displaying the meals that you either recommend or deliver, Madang has a good range of templates built for this exact purpose. The templates make it easy to display the nutritional properties of each meal, such as the macro- and micronutrients. Your visitors can also filter the meals according to their preferences to find the ones they’re most interested in.

The nutrition calculator, tables, and fact templates all make Madang an interesting option.

9. Biona

Biona is a sports nutrition WordPress theme with multiple demos.

If your nutrition services and advice are more focused on sports and fitness than general wellness, Biona could be a good option. The pre-built homepages all look good and are packed with features and sections. As you might not need everything that’s included in these homepage designs, it’s good to see that you can easily remove sections from them at the touch of a button. Adding new elements is also easy thanks to the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin.  

If you want to sell sports-focused nutritional products, such as supplements, Biona has all the templates for that, too. This theme also works well for promoting an offline supplement shop or other business.

Sports nutritionists should definitely check out the Biona theme.

10. Health Coach

Health Coach is a blog and lifestyle magazine theme with a nutrition focus.

This could be the right theme for you if your goal is to create a website that shares helpful nutrition-related content online. Whether you’re working on your own or will be using a team of creators to publish content on your site, Health Coach has all the right templates to support your project.

Promoting services or products on your blog or magazine website is something that’s made straightforward with the Health Coach theme. The service templates will ensure you’re able to quickly publish a page that outlines how you can help your audience while also encouraging them to get in touch. The eCommerce templates are also well designed, making them ideal for selling both physical items such as supplements and digital products such as eBooks.

Health Coach is a good example of a well-rounded nutrition theme.

11. Kicker

Kicker is a multipurpose blog theme with a nutrition website demo.

One of the main goals of Kicker is to help you display your content in the most captivating way to get more engagement from your visitors. If that sounds appealing, Kicker and its huge library of content templates might deserve a place on your shortlist.

Although not strictly a nutrition theme, Kicker does have a nutrition website demo that has earned it a place in this collection. However, as there are lots of other demos that come with Kicker, you might find that one of those works better for your project. Either way, it shouldn’t take long to lay the foundation for your new site if you choose this theme.

The best feature of Kicker is its huge library of stylish templates.

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