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9 Best Coupon WordPress Themes and Plugins 2023

If you’re building a coupon website for sharing the latest and greatest deals with your visitors, then the WordPress themes in this collection can help your project become a success.

By combining the latest design trends with advanced feature sets, these coupon WordPress themes will ensure that you are not only able to publish the best coupons and money-saving deals for your customers, but also increase your chances of generating a good income from your project as an affiliate.

The best themes in this collection are fully mobile responsive, helping to ensure that your smartphone and tablet using visitors are just as able to find the deals they are looking for, as your desktop and laptop visitors. Some of the features you will find in these themes include the ability to let your visitors sign up and submit their own coupons, advanced tracking and reporting tools, import and export functionality, printable coupons, and user rating systems.

Whatever type of coupon website you are planning on building, at least one of the themes in this collection will contain all the features you need.

1. Couponis

Couponis is a theme for creating coupon-style affiliate marketing websites with WordPress.

The three homepage designs of Couponis give you a good selection of layouts to choose from when setting up your website. Depending on which design you choose, your WordPress coupon website could feature a simple list of the categories on your site, a large slider, or a combination of links and a smaller slider.

The rest of your homepage can include a grid that promotes your best offers, links to stores or other merchants you’re working with, and an email opt-in form that your visitors can use to join your mailing list to get notifications of the latest deals. However, as Couponis includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can easily add, remove, or rearrange any of the sections of your homepage. Thanks to the selection of elements and modules in the page builder tool, you can quickly populate any of the pages on your site with these components.

When it comes to coupon-related features and functionality features, Couponis doesn’t disappoint. For example, importing coupons into your website through the compatibility with the WP All Import plugin makes it very easy to quickly share new deals with your audience in just a few clicks. You can also give your visitors the ability to submit coupons and other deals to your website through the front-end forms. Adding timers to coupons is straightforward too, thanks to the countdown feature that automatically removes deals from your website when they expire.

Couponis is focused on helping you create and manage a successful couponing and deal site with WordPress.

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2. Coupon

Coupon has been designed for hobbyists and those who want to create a coupon website as part of their business.

Whether you’re a blogger who likes to share the occasional deal with your readers, or you want to make money online by promoting offers and coupons using affiliate links, this coupon WordPress theme can help. The stylish design of the default homepage of Coupon from the MyThemeShop team is perfect for displaying all of your best deals. However, as this is a WordPress theme, you can easily switch the default settings to display your latest blog posts on the homepage page of your site – ideal for those who are bloggers first and foremost but still want access to all the best coupon publishing features.

Coupon has six other homepage layouts for you to choose from so be sure to check out the website demos for this theme. There’s even an ecommerce demo that’s perfect for creating online stores that also use coupons as part of their business and marketing. Regardless of which demo you choose or how you decide to use this theme, you can quickly import the content and tools into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. There are also narrated tutorial videos to help you make the most of this theme.

Coupon is packed with useful features and customization options to help you create the right type of coupon and deal site with WordPress.

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3. CouponHut


CouponHut is a newly released theme that has been created specifically for creating a couponing and discount code website with WordPress.

However, despite the obvious focus of CouponHut, when choosing this template it doesn’t mean your website has to forgo any of the features found in a typical website. This means are you can easily add a blog to your coupon website, as well as online shopping capabilities, and a whole lot more.

CouponHut doesn’t lack any of the premium features you would find in a regular theme either. By choosing this theme, you can add full-screen background videos to any of the pages on your site, including the homepage; make use of the fully mobile responsive design; choose from the 10 custom widgets, and create personalized designs with the integrated page builder tool.

To help make your coupon website more of a community-driven project, this theme gives you the option of enabling user submissions of deals and discounts. This extra content can help your website grow faster and make it a more useful resource for your target audience.

CouponHut includes support for publishing both coupons and discount codes, making it a flexible choice for a publishing a wide range of deals.

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4. ReHub

ReHub has everything needed to help you launch a successful coupon website with WordPress.

ReHub is actually a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used to create many different types of websites, including high-quality coupon sites. However, as this theme can be used to build community, business directory, product comparison, reviews, and multi-vendor marketplace websites to name just a few, you get access to an impressive set of features for your coupon site with ReHub.

Due to all the features of this theme, you can easily enhance your coupon site to include lots of extra functionality. Therefore if you have bespoke needs for your coupon site, or you just want to differentiate your coupon site from the competition, ReHub could be the tool you’re looking for. In fact, as the ReHub package includes so many different content templates and layouts, you can easily add additional pages and sections to your coupon site and offer your visitors even more reasons to return to your website in the future.

To help you monetize your coupon site, ReHub has a good selection of advert locations, allowing you to earn money from networks like Google AdSense or work directly with advertisers. ReHub also has good support for the best affiliate marketing plugins, making it easy to add monetized affiliate links to different products and vendors that generate commission each time a transaction is completed by one of your visitors. Through the community and membership features of this theme, you can charge your visitors a fee to access your best deals or offer users the ability to submit their own deals and coupons as part of a paid subscription deal.

ReHub has a strong focus on conversion rates so if you want more of your visitors to take action, this theme could be for you.

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5. Dealsdot

Dealsdot gives you lots of options for publishing deals and coupons on your website.

As Dealsdot was designed primarily for creating a website that specializes in sharing deals, coupons, promotions, and other offers, it’s a theme that should provide you with everything that’s needed to launch a coupon site with WordPress. Although Dealsdot only comes with two demos, they both have neutral designs to ensure that this theme can be used to promote coupons for a range of offers. Thanks to this, whatever type of website you want to create or audience you want to attract, Dealsdot should be suitable.

To help your visitors find the coupons and deals they’re most interested in, this theme comes with a powerful search tool. Once a visitor has performed a search, they can then easily filter the results to narrow down their options. To help visitors that aren’t entirely sure what type of coupons and deals they’re looking for, the Dealsdot templates include lots of ways to present your offers. One example of this is the sidebar menu that lists the coupon categories while another is the grid layout that displays your featured deals with an image and text title. Also, when a visitor is viewing a coupon page, related deals are displayed underneath the main information, providing additional relevant suggestions.

If you’d like to sell products and services from your coupon website, you can do so with this theme. Alternatively, you can use the ecommerce features to charge your visitors a fee to access your coupons or gain the ability to publish their own deals on your site. The WooCommerce support of Dealsdot gives you many different ways to monetize your website. Other options include publishing affiliate links on your website that will earn you a commission for new customers that you refer to your partners and the spaces for displaying adverts that are dotted around the Dealsdot templates.

Dealsdot is a very versatile theme that should be suitable for all types of deals and coupons.

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6. Froday

Froday has all the features you’d expect from a modern coupon WordPress theme, combined with a stylish design.

Froday has a traditional coupon website design that will immediately make it clear to your visitors what the purpose of your site is. Modern features like a deal carousel or slider give you an interesting way to display your latest offers in an interactive format. However, as this theme is highly flexible you can easily adjust the default design to make your website a better fit for your goals or audience. Tools like the theme options control panel and the premium drag-and-drop page builder plugin will provide you with everything needed to create a custom deals website with an off-the-shelf coupon WordPress theme.

Some of the useful features you’ll have access to if you choose Froday for your website include the button that lets your visitors instantly copy a coupon code with just one click, a helpful filter tool that makes it easy for visitors to find the deals they are most interested in, and a location-based tool that displays the deals that are closest to where a visitor is based. Visitors can also rate your deals to let others know what they think of the coupons. Adding a countdown timer to any of your coupons is very straightforward, too.

Another interesting aspect of Froday is the optional shopping cart feature. If you enable the cart, your visitors can add items or deals to their cart, which they can check out at the end of their visit. This could be useful if you sell access to discounts, or sell reduced items or deals, directly on your website. As the ecommerce functionality is powered by the WooCommerce plugin, you get full control over how this area of your website works.

Froday should appeal to both website owners and their visitors, due to its useful features and user-friendly design.

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7. Coupon Theme


The Coupon Theme has a minimal design but powerful options. For instance, the theme comes with a function to set coupons to automatically expire and delete on a certain date, which alerts users to the availability of the coupon. The listings can be grouped according to their respective stores/merchants. Like Clipper, Coupon Theme allows users to add their own codes, with the option to charge them according to custom packages, or by memberships.

Users can easily download or print the displayed coupons. All affiliate links can be cloaked. A custom mailing list widget is packaged with the theme. PremiumPress claims to have created the “#1 Coupon Theme for WordPress”, and it very well could have.

Coupon Theme supports coupon CSV and XML feed importing.

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8. CouponSeek

CouponSeek is a deals and discounts WordPress theme with good coupon publishing support.

If you check out the CouponSeek online demo, you’ll see that your website could have a fresh and modern design if you choose this theme for your project. The default homepage layout features a header with space for a large background image that can do a great job of setting the tone for your website. Furthermore, the bright and bold text helps your website to deliver a user experience that should appeal to a young and fashionable crowd.

CouponSeek allows you to change colors, fonts, and other display properties in a straightforward way. Simply open up the WordPress Customizer inside your dashboard, and start making changes through the user-friendly interface. If you want more control over how your deals and coupons website looks, CouponSeek has been built to be fully compatible with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin.

When it comes to features, CouponSeek has an impressive list. One highlight is the support for the WC Vendors plugin that lets you create a site where people can sign up and add their own listings and deals to your directory. This plugin can handle the sharing of commissions, collecting payments, and a whole lot more. So if you want to create a deals and discounts site that’s monetized with affiliate marketing or via the multi-vendor marketplace approach, CouponSeek is ready for this type of project.

Other notable features of CouponSeek include the ability to quickly set expiration dates and times for deals, functionality for selling discounts and deals from your website, and controls for limiting the number of times a deal can be purchased.

If you’re looking for a WordPress coupon theme with an eye-catching design, CouponSeek is hard to beat.

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9. Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator is a free plugin that enables you to create your own coupon for WordPress. Alternatively, you can upload an image of a coupon instead.

You can create a coupon easily by going to the coupon custom post type and filling in the appropriate settings in the custom meta box. Then insert the coupon into your post or page using the shortcode inserter which is located above the content editor. The coupon will then display until the expiration date you choose or after if you choose to override it.

Coupons will work in the sidebar text widgets, but you must add them.

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