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7 Best WordPress Grid Plugins 2023

If you’re looking for new and interesting ways to display content on your website, then this collection of the best WordPress grid plugins can help.

Once you’ve installed one of these plugins on your website, you’ll have the ability to create custom grid layouts that are populated with your choice of content. These grid layouts can then be displayed on your website, giving your visitors another way to interact with your content.

Depending on which plugin you choose, you could be able to create grid layouts that display the latest posts from your blog, the best pages from your website, or images from your WordPress Media Library that you’d like to present in a collection. Some of the plugins also have the ability to display content from external sources in your layouts, such as videos from YouTube or photographs from Instagram.

When choosing a plugin from this collection, it’s important to know what type of content you’d like to display in your grids. Most of the best free grid plugins have good support for adding WordPress posts and pages to your layouts, while the premium plugins tend to give you more options for what types of content you can display in your grids, such as ecommerce products, videos, and social media posts.

Other points to consider include how you’d like to define what content is included in your grids and what your layouts will look like. Some plugins keep things simple by only giving you basic filtering controls, while other tools have detailed settings that let you define exactly what content from your website or external sources is displayed in your grids. Also, some of these grid plugins simply provide you with a selection of layout templates, while others include builders that let you create your own custom and unique designs for your grid layouts.

There’s definitely a good range of tools to choose from in this category, so you’re sure to find the right solution for your website in our collection of the best WordPress grid plugins.

1. Essential Grid (Premium)

Essential Grid is the best-selling WordPress grid plugin available today.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested WordPress grid plugin that’s also been very well received by its users, then Essential Grid is hard to beat. First launched in 2014, Essential Grid has been regularly updated and improved to become one of the best-selling plugins for WordPress in any category. With over 42,000 sales to date and an average rating of 4.72 stars out of 5 from users, it’s fair to say that if you purchase Essential Grid for your WordPress website, you’ll probably consider it a good investment.

Essential Grid first example

One of the reasons why Essential Grid has become so popular is the ease with which it enables you to create a wide range of image, video, and audio galleries. When creating these assets for your website, Essential Grid lets you choose from a varied selection of sources, including social media sites such as Instagram and Flickr as well as video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks to this, you can create almost any type of gallery grid with this plugin.

When it comes to deciding how your grids will look, you get to choose from a growing library of templates in the Essential Grid plugin package. As you might expect from one of the most popular WordPress grid plugins, everything created with this tool is fully mobile responsive to ensure it looks just as good on small screen smartphones as it does on large desktop displays.

Essential Grid second example

To help you get the most out of this plugin, the developers of Essential Grid have created a series of video tutorials that cover how it all works. Therefore, whether you’re new to WordPress or an experienced site owner, this could be the plugin that lets you start working with grids and galleries in more creative ways.

With almost unlimited creative options, Essential Grid is a safe choice for adding this type of functionality to your WordPress website.

More Info / Download Demo

2. Media Grid (Premium)

Media Grid is another popular premium WordPress grid plugin with a long and varied feature list.

With over 12,000 sales to date, Media Grid might not be as popular as Essential Grid, but it’s still a widely used tool for adding stylish grid displays to a WordPress website. Thanks to the extended functionality of Media Grid, it doesn’t really matter what type of content you want to display on your website with this plugin, or how you want to present it.

With support for images, videos, and audio files, you can add almost any type of media content to your grids, including the ability to mix and match multiple formats in one grid. You can also just as easily display WordPress content, such as posts and pages in your custom grid layouts, helping you to create stylish blog post archive pages for your website. You can even use this versatile plugin to display products from your WooCommerce store in different ways.

Media Grid pagination systems

Once you’ve decided what type of content you want to add to your grids, you can then define what they will look like. With 10 preset styles to choose from, you can quickly change the look of your displays. For a more hands-on approach to creating your grids, you can use the customizer controls to design a unique presentation style. Thanks to the visual grid builder interface, everyone should be able to use this tool on their WordPress website.

Media Grid plugin grid options

Other ways you can customize your grids, including choosing from the various pagination options, adding sliders to your displays, and incorporating icons into your designs. You can also use the CSS editor for even more control over the appearance of your media grids.

Whether you want to create grids to display dynamic or static content, Media Grid is more than up to the task.

More Info / Download Demo

3. The Post Grid (Free)

The Post Grid is a free WordPress plugin that’s been built for displaying posts and pages in a grid layout.

With this free plugin active on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create custom grid layouts that are populated with your choice of content from your site, such as blog posts and pages. Thanks to this, you can take control of the blog post archive pages and other parts of your site that display lists of your content.

The Post Grid example

When creating your grids, you get access to some useful filtering tools that make it easy to control which content is displayed in the grid. Due to this, you have the option of only displaying blog posts that have been assigned a certain category on your website or exclude specific pages from the grid. It’s even possible to filter posts by their author, making The Post Grid a suitable tool for adding author archives to your website. You can also easily set the maximum number of posts or pages to display in a grid layout. As you can add multiple rules to your filters, you should be able to clearly define which content is sourced for your grids.

Once you’ve defined which content should be included in your grid, this free tool gives you a good amount of control over how your grid will be presented. Through the options, you can choose how many columns your grid will consist of, whether to enable pagination or not, and what sized featured image to display. Publishing your grids is just as straightforward with The Post Grid plugin. Simply use the shortcode that’s generated for each grid to insert a layout into a post or page, or use the other options to display your grids elsewhere on your site.

The Post Grid another example

If your needs change in the future and you need access to more features, there’s also an affordable Pro version that you can upgrade to in order to unlock more templates and greater control over the appearance of your grids.

If you don’t need the ability to display images and videos in your grids, then this plugin is ideal for creating layouts to display your blog posts in a grid format.

More Info / Download Demo

4. Content Views (Free)

Content Views is a grid and list builder plugin for WordPress that’s free to use.

Specializing in helping you create grids and lists of your WordPress blog posts, this plugin keeps things simple without sacrificing useful features. Once you’ve activated this plugin, you can start choosing which content to display in your grids and lists, including your latest blog posts, articles from specific categories, or content by certain authors.

With Content Views, you get a good amount of control over which content is included in your grids beyond just the basics. For example, it’s easy to filter your list of posts and pages to include or exclude content based on the keywords they contain. You can also set the number of items to display in the grid or list, making this plugin useful for publishing collections of your top 10 articles on a particular topic.

Content Views plugin example

When it comes to defining how your grids and lists are displayed, you can quickly choose which elements to display from your posts and pages, such as the title, featured image, and description. Then there are the different modes to choose from, including the grid layouts, the collapsible list, and the scrollable list option.

When you’re ready to publish your grid or list, you can simply copy the unique shortcode and then paste it into your content to make it publicly available to your website visitors. For even more features, such as WooCommerce support, the ability to create filterable grids, and the option of displaying social sharing buttons on your lists, there’s a Pro upgrade of this plugin available.

Content Views plugin another example

If your WordPress theme doesn’t give you enough control over how lists of your posts and pages are displayed, this free plugin can provide the functionality you need.

More Info / Download Demo

5. WP Ultimate Post Grid (Free)

WP Ultimate Post Grid has good support for custom post types with lots of filtering options for your grids.

As well as letting you display blog posts and pages in your grid layouts, WP Ultimate Post Grid also works with custom post types. Thanks to this, if you’ve created any additional post types yourself, or you’ve installed a plugin that uses them, you’ll be able to add that content to your grids. This means that if you’re using an events plugin, for example, you might be able to create a custom layout for displaying your events, just as you would for blog posts.

WP Ultimate Post Grid plugin example

When setting up your grids and defining how they work, you get a good amount of control over the finished product, especially for a free plugin of this type. Some of these options include the ability to order the content in many different ways, the option of adding custom links to the grid items that take your visitors to a URL that you’ve defined, and the ability to upload custom images for the posts in your grid or instead use their featured images.

You can also add pagination to your grids, instead of displaying the full contents in their entirety, on one page. As well as adding filters to your grids that let your visitors control what they see, another interesting feature of WP Ultimate Post Grid is the ability to create deep links to filtered grids on your site. Furthermore, everything produced by this free plugin is fully mobile responsive to ensure it looks great on all devices.

WP Ultimate Post Grid plugin filters

If you’d like to know more about this plugin before installing it, you can view screenshots of the back-end user interface and the type of grids it can create on the WP Ultimate Post Grid page. You also have the option of upgrading to the paid version if you ever outgrow the capabilities of the free plugin.

All of the features of this plugin are covered in video tutorials to ensure everyone is able to use WP Ultimate Post Grid.

More Info / Download Demo

6. Media Grid – WordPress Bundle Pack (Premium)

Media Grid WordPress Bundle Pack is a package that contains one plugin and two add-ons.

If you like the sound of the Media Grid plugin that was covered earlier, but would also like to get hold of the two add-ons available for it, the Media Grid WordPress Bundle Pack is what you’re after. Not only does purchasing the bundle pack simplify the process of unlocking all the features of this plugin, but it can also save you money compared to buying the components separately.

When you install the Media Grid plugin on your website, you’ll be able to easily create unique and filterable layout grids to display a wide range of content. You can also use the visual grid builder tool to create your own custom layouts, including layouts optimized for mobile devices. Thanks to the 10 preset styles, you can quickly generate attractive media grids with this plugin.

Media Grid Overlay Examples

However, once you activate the overlay manager add-on that’s included in this bundle, you can do a lot more with the Media Grid plugin. As the name suggests, this add-on lets you create overlays. These are displayed on top of your grid content, such as images, when the cursor moves over them.

You can see examples of the overlay presets on the plugin page, but to give you an idea of what you can do, some examples include overlays that contain buttons, text, and links, to name just a few. You can customize all of the overlays to ensure they work in the way that you want.

Media Grid filter example

The other add-on in the bundle is the Advanced Filter add-on. This tool lets you add custom filters to your grids. Your visitors can then use the filters to control which items are displayed in the grid. For example, depending on what filters you create, you could give your visitors the ability to filter out all of the grid elements that are a certain color, size, or price.

If you want to add advanced filters and overlays to your grids, then this bundle is highly recommended.

More Info / Download Demo

7. Media Boxes Portfolio (Premium)

Media Boxes Portfolio is a multipurpose WordPress grid plugin with lots of layouts and settings.

No matter what type of content you want to display in your grids and other layouts, the Media Boxes Portfolio plugin should be able to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to display a collection of blog posts from your website in a grid layout, publish a selection of images in Pinterest-style layouts, or display your content in a range of other ways, Media Boxes Portfolio is a powerful WordPress plugin that’s worth a closer look.

Media Boxes Portfolio Pinterest Layout

Thanks to good support for a range of media, including images and videos from your WordPress Media Library as well as externally hosted content, Media Boxes Portfolio gives you a lot of options when it comes to publishing a grid layout on your WordPress website. In addition to repurposing content from elsewhere on your site, such as blog posts and images, you can also create unique content to be included in your grid layouts, such as details about your team or services.

Media Boxes Portfolio has good ecommerce support too, giving you another way to display your products. Due to the flexible nature of this plugin, you can display your products in exactly the way you want, simply by installing Media Boxes Portfolio on your WordPress online store.

Media Boxes Portfolio Blog Posts Layout

The powerful filtering functionality of Media Boxes Portfolio is another reason to consider this plugin. Each grid or other type of layout you create can have its own filter that lets your visitors control what content is on display. You can also use the filtering tools when creating a new layout to define exactly what’s included in that display.

Another option available to you when you use Media Boxes Portfolio is the search field that can be added to your layouts to enable your visitors to search through the content that’s been assigned to your custom layout.

As Media Boxes Portfolio has so many features, it’s difficult to think of a scenario where this plugin wouldn’t be suitable.

More Info / Download Demo

8. Justified Image Grid (Premium)

Justified Image Grid is a best-selling WordPress grid plugin.

One reason why Justified Image Grid has generated so many sales could be because it lets you use an impressive range of sources for the content of your grids. Some examples of these sources include WordPress posts, the WordPress Media Library, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, to name just a few. When creating your grids, you can choose exactly how they’re displayed, including how the images are presented. Adding special effects to your grids and setting the content to open in a lightbox window when clicked are just a few of your options.

Adding the grids to your site is very easy. Simply use the default WordPress editor or one of the supported page builder plugins to insert a grid into your posts, pages, and other parts of your site. As the name suggests, any grids you do create can be justified for a pleasant appearance.

You can also easily add animations and captions to your grids.

More Info / Download Demo

Visual Portfolio, Photo Gallery & Posts Grid is quick and easy to use.

Simply add the Visual Portfolio, Photo Gallery & Posts Grid block to a post or page, and you’ll be able to quickly insert stylish grids into your content. As the free version of this plugin lets you add videos from YouTube and Vimeo — as well as images from elsewhere — to your grids, you can produce some really creative displays. Displaying posts and pages from your site in your grids is straightforward, too. The filtering tools ensure that you’re able to dictate exactly which content is included in your grids.

When creating your grids, you can apply a range of styles to them as well as hover effects. The different layouts, such as the tiles, masonry, carousel, and justified options, also give you more options to help you design unique grids that are right for your website.

If you ever need more features, there’s a paid version of this plugin. 

More Info / Download Demo

10. PostX (Free)

PostX is an excellent choice for creating interesting post grid displays.

Although you can do a lot with PostX, including creating many different types of grids, it really excels when it comes to displaying the blog posts on your site in attractive and creative ways. You can see some examples of these post layouts on the demo site for PostX, but to give you an idea of what this tool can do, you can use the many templates to create a page on your site that displays your posts in formats that are similar to those found on popular online news and magazine sites. 

Some of the ways you can control which posts PostX displays in your grids and other layouts include recent posts, popular posts, and related posts. These layouts could then be displayed anywhere on your site, helping your visitors to discover more of your content. You can also choose only to display posts assigned to specific categories or tags.

PostX is a highly versatile content layout builder plugin. 

More Info / Download Demo

11. Smart Post Show (Free)

Smart Post Show will display your WordPress posts in interesting ways.

Once you’ve installed Smart Post Show on your site, you’ll be able to create elements that display your blog posts and other website content in eye-catching ways. Some of the display examples include carousels, sliders, and grid layouts. The posts are all displayed in stylish and creative formats without much input required from you.

Thanks to the filtering tools and settings, your displays can easily be configured to display the content you want. This could include your latest blog posts, posts that have certain tags or categories, posts created by specific authors, and a few other criteria. You can also use the unique post IDs to add individual pieces of content to your displays. 

Smart Post Show is very easy to use and works with many page builders. 

More Info / Download Demo

12. Post Grid Combo (Free)

Post Grid Combo lets you create interactive grids in the WordPress editor.

Thanks to the block this plugin adds to your site, you can start inserting grids into your posts and pages directly from the WordPress editor. Once you’ve inserted the grid block, you can choose from a range of creative layouts. However, you can also create your own designs through the intuitive customization controls. One of your options is how the posts will be displayed, such as in a grid layout, a carousel, or an accordion. You can then define which content will be displayed in your layout, such as specific posts, all posts from a certain category, and many others.

Other features of Post Grid Combo include the ability to add filters, pagination, and search fields to your grids. These all make your grids more interactive and help visitors find the content they’re most interested in. Lazy load functionality ensures that your grids don’t slow down your site, while support for custom post types means you can add a wide range of content to your custom layouts.

While the free version is feature-rich enough for most, there is a paid version, too.

More Info / Download Demo

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